Health²  (Healthsquared) Personal Training is a private Personal Training studio where you'll work with an experienced Personal Trainer who will help you lose weight, tone up, get healthy and regain your health and energy!  Unlike working with a PT in a big gym, Health² Personal Training is a private facility meaning we can focus fully on your result using cutting edge, proven methods to get you efficient results, that last.






















About Founder Ben Fox

Right up until university, I hated sport and exercise and was 'skinny fat'.  Skinny arms, chubby round the middle, and miserable.  After two years of battling depression, the gym helped me regain my confidence and feel lust and power for life again.  I pursued a career in marketing but upon leaving university I realised transforming bodies and lives was to be my true career.

Since joining the fitness industry 12 years ago I have chased knowledge and experience relentlessly.  Travelling all over the world to learn and work with the best the planet has to offer.  I combine this knowledge with a collaborative and straight forwards coaching style to make sure you always get extreme results.

Interested in training with me?  Contact me HERE for a consultation.

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