Alan's Story

Alan has lost over seven stone, going from over twenty-five stone down to sixsteen stone.  He's still determined to keep going!  Needless to say his confidence, happiness and health have changed dramatically.  

Before discovering the gym, Alan didn't have the same confidence he used to.  He told me that it was the gym itself, as much as the weight loss, that have given him his confidence back. 

"When you work out in the gym, you're challenged to do something hard each day.  And each day, you overcome those challenges.  You work hard, and even though it's tough, you always come out the other end feeling great.  You never regret a workout but you always regret missing one!  I think that's what really gave me my confidence.  To know that if I could overcome the hard times in the gym, perhaps I could do the same things in life"

Is it time to overcome your own set of challenges? (we all have them) Then CONTACT ME now.

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