Alisa's Story

Wow I never knew that I would ever see my goal weight again of 75kg and got there in only five months, I thought this was only in my dreams. Thanks so much to Ben, he has been an incredible trainer, motivator, mentor - he is full of knowledge with nutrition and training. If it wasn’t for you Ben then I will hate to think what I would look like now, I cannot stop looking in through the windows or mirrors anything that gives off a reflection to see a figure that I am proud of. I walk proud and with a smile on my face permanently, my family, friends and even my work mates have noticed the difference, I have thrown away a lot of my big clothes to never return to that again.


 I not only look great, but I feel good too. Not so tired anymore, I get out of bed easier now (not quite a leap) but near enough to it, I feel healthier not sluggish and heavy any more, I sleep a lot better and no more gut problems. I found out a lot about foods, I had no idea food that I thought was good for you, isn’t, that can make you feel not so great.

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