Anna's Story

I started training with Ben in April 2014 and signed up for the Twelve Week Fat Loss Package. Throughout the whole process, I was astounded by the support that Ben gave me and his commitment to helping me get to my goal weight. 


I lost just over 11kg over approximately three months of training with Ben. Throughout this time, Ben would consistently send me emails and texts to ensure that I was staying on track on the days that I was not training with him. I always felt that he genuinely wanted to help me reach my goal weight and the fact that he cares so much for his clients is why I think he makes such an excellent personal trainer. 


Not only did Ben help me to lose weight, but his systematic approach to nutrition helped me to work out that I have a lactose sensitivity. I have always had eczema and no matter what steroid creams, pills and ointments the doctors have prescribed me over the years, the eczema has never seemed to disappear. Since cutting dairy out of my diet, I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin. On the occasion where I have had dairy, my eczema starts flaring up within a matter of minutes. To finally find something that prevents the eczema is so invaluable, and I have Ben and his knowledge in nutrition to thank for that. 


I am a healthier person because of Ben and with the knowledge in nutrition and skills in training that he has taught me, I know that I can maintain this healthier me for the rest of my life. 

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