Bridget's Story

I can literally say Ben positively changed my life and after many years of top level sport (New Zealand international football team), and many gym memberships, I can put my hand on my heart and say he is the best trainer I have worked with.


Since training with Ben I have not only lost weight & body fat from the sessions in the gym and the change in my nutrition, but I have gained energy, muscle, confidence, and become the strongest and leanest I have been in 10years.


Training with Ben has given me such a lift in self-confidence that I haven’t seen in years. Ben pushed me to my limits but was always there, every step of the way, supporting me not only in each session but outside of the gym with positive text messages and emails keeping me motivated and assured.


Ben has an ability to connect with you and explain exactly what needs to be done to reach your goals without duress or technical language that bamboozles you.  


It is that ability to make a personal connection with a client while being able to drive them to accomplishment that makes Ben such a successful trainer.

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