Shane's Story

Shane was doing a sports science degree while also working as a Personal Trainer when he decided he wanted to take his physique to a level he never had before.  He wanted to signifincatly improve his muscle mass and get leaner at the same time (which he wasn't sure was even possible).

Over sixteen weeks, he got his body fat down to 10% and added six KGs of muscle mass in the process, as you can see.  We employed a mix of different training modalities to achieve this result as Shane was already strong in the gym.

One thing that allowed us to really dial in the nutrition and training plans to get this level of result was using Metabolic Analytics to measure his body fat regularly to optmise our approach.

Though this isn't neccersary for everyone, adding this much muscle while getting leaner requires some real accuracy.  Suffice to say, Shane was completely transformed but his knowledge as a Personal Trainer also sky rocketed as he was able to fully experience the client journey.

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