Jennie's Story

When Jennie came to me, she was in her late 60s and still full of life.  But she felt like she was slowing down a bit, her knees were hurting her a bit more and her posture just didn't feel great.

Having been an extremely successful wealth management consultant, she spent her life talking with people about investing.  She'd tell her clients, there's no point in investing your money if you aren't investing in yourself so you can be around to enjoy it! 

"Money is there for you to use - what do you want your money to allow you to do?  Go on amazing holidays?  Spend time with family?".  Having worked out those priorities for the money, it's then important to ask yourself if you'll also have the health to enjoy those amazing holidays and time with the family or grandkids.

Jennie was the first to lead by example and has kept fit and healthy throughout her life, but decided it was time for some more expert help, once her usual avenues for keeping ache and pain free weren't working anymore.

Having worked with me for over two years before moving away, Jennie's knee and back pains completely vanished and she had more energy and feels 'more powerful' than ever before. 

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