John's Story

Over six weeks John lost 4.5kg on the scales, but as you can see he also lost a hefty amount of body fat while gaining 2kg of lean muscle.

John trained three times a week, to get this result.  As a Financial Director, John is regularly up at 5am working, and still answering emails at 11 or 12pm before bed.

That makes making time for exercise difficult.  But he committed to freeing up and least 3 hours per week, and took his nutrition in hand. 

I love this result because John was sceptical about lifting weights, he thought he had to do hours of boring cardio.  But after losing all the fat from his middle, he was a convert and knew that lifting weights in the right way can help you lose fat fast.

If you're tired of that fat around your middle, are crazy busy at work, and you need to outsource your training to get back in shape head over to the CONTACT page to get your first session booked HERE.

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