Lucy's Story

I love this before and after. Lucy is a regular gym goer and was training a few times per week.  But she just found she was putting in a lot of work and wasn't getting anywhere.

What she really wanted was to just flatten her tummy. But whatever she did, it didn't seem to help.

We adjusted her training dramatically and in just 28 days her self confessed 'pot belly' had flattened out completely.

👉 Did she have to kill herself in the gym? NO
👉 Did she have to eat only rabbit food? NO
👉 Did she need to make a change from her regular regime? YES

I love this because it shows that it's not just about getting to the gym. It's about doing the RIGHT things in the gym!

Does this sound like you?  Then get in CONTACT with me now and book your first training session.

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