Maaria's Story

Maaria came to me at a low point.  She wasn't feeling confident in herself or her body, weighed the most she'd ever weighed, and had even quit all social media because it was causing her to further compare herself and her body to others.

We had to do something and make a drastic change - so we did.  Maaria signed up for the Twelve Week Transformation and over the three months dropped 10kg and finished at the lightest she had been since she was a teenager.

Not only this, Maaria now says she feels so much better in herself and that exercise is like the best anti-depressant she's ever 'taken' and can't believe how integrated exercise is now to her feeling good in herself.

Burning body fat and toning up isn't just a case of signing up to a gym and doing some cardio.  In fact, we did less than 20 minutes per week of cardio with Maaria to achieve this result.

A properly structured routine designed around your body to optimise fat burning, while making smart and well coached nutrition changes is the key to long term success!


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