Matt's Story

Ben has a rare disposition of being able to command authority and incite action with subtlety which means you end up doing what you’re supposed to without disliking him. What I found particularly refreshing is that Ben genuinely cares about his clients’ goals and aspirations; this was evident by the fact that I often received check-up texts to ensure that I hadn’t lost motivation.

What I got most out of the time with Ben was education I received - he challenged my beliefs about nutrition and training and set me on the path to success with evidenced-based principles, rather than opinions. This completely changed my views about weight loss and nutrition; furthermore, the knowledge I gained during this time will likely benefit me for the rest of my life.


I think Ben’s key strength is having emotional intelligence, as he is able to intuitively guage when a person has given their maximum effort and when the person could still give more. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is serious about committing to a lifestyle change as having Ben in your ‘corner’ sure makes the transformation easier!

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