Ryan's Story

There's lots to say and I really cannot thank you enough. Not just for helping me to get in shape, but for making me feel so good about myself. I remember telling you that I wanted 'movie star arms' - jokingly because I knew that was out of reach with the few months I had before the wedding - but you made me feel like anything was possible. Whether or not I really had movie star arms at my wedding doesn't even matter because I felt like I did. In fact, I was feeling so confident that I didn't really even think about what I looked like and was able to be fully present and enjoy my day with Shannon.


I joined the gym about 4 months before our wedding because I knew I wanted to get in shape for the day, but I had planned to do it on my own. Luckily though, I met with Ben for a personal workout program and then a PT taster session. I really enjoyed the workouts and I knew that I'd get closer to my goals for the wedding if I continued working with him.


Ben was more than just a trainer - he gave me a really simple guide to kick start healthier eating and I enjoyed his support throughout the process. I was also busy with wedding planning and PhD so it was great to be able to share the responsibility of getting in shape with him. I worked hard, but there was no mental strain since I knew I could trust him.


The workouts were varied and enjoyable. Hard, but not too hard. I felt challenged but never to the point where I wanted to give up. Every few weeks Ben created a new set of 2 workouts so I could continue to be challenged and not get bored. Even at our last session he shared 2 new workouts for me to do on my own. I was really surprised that he was planning for me beyond our sessions together. It gave me a true sense that he cared about my fitness and health goals.


Even since I stopped working with Ben I have continued to be inspired by his exercise plans. Seeing him in the gym also gives me a boost and I makes me work hard. Although I haven't been as consistent since working out on my own I feel like I have the tools that I need to stay in shape. With a variety of good workouts and exercises I now know what to do when I go to the gym. 


Working out with Ben seems to have really improved my metabolism and basic health level - when I have a 'bad' week now I know that I'm still doing so much more and eating better than I did before I started to work with him. My body shape also changed more than I anticipated. I noticed my stomach getting flatter, but others commented on the shape of my hips and legs. Even 6 months on people were still telling me that I look slimmer.


I can't say enough really. It was a great experience all around from the workouts, to personal support and just generally making me feel good about myself and confident that I could achieve my goals.


Thanks Ben!

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