Think yourself fatter?

March 6, 2016


It's all well and good having the good intention to eat healthily, 'from now on'.  However as we all know it doesn't always happen that way.  Find out one reason why and what we can do about it in today's blog.

Think yourself fatter?

In recent years there have been a whole host of books, articles and other general hype around the concept of thinking yourself thin.  Typically this is with regards to hypnosis.  Quite honestly this area of psychology isn't one I've spent much time researching.  However, it certainly got me thinking.

As individuals we have multiple personalities.  This presents a significant barrier to us getting in the best shape of our lives.  But... I don't have multiple personalities, you say... right?  Well actually if you think about it, you do.  Imagine you've just eaten a huge bowl of pasta with cream sauce, followed up by a huge icrecream sundae.  You can't breathe past your food baby.  You've also had a take away the night before and at least two bottles of wine in as many days.  'RIGHT!  That's it, MONDAY!  That's the day.  The diet will start because I feel terrible, bloated and fat.'   It's Monday - all you've had is two meals consisting of leaves and other rabbit food (not the way to do it I might add) and you're now ravenous.  This new, hungry, not so guilty self didn't agree to that bargain we made with ourselves on Sunday night and we're going straight to the cookie jar.  You just aren't the same person.

Now according to R. Cialdini PhD. we all have an innate desire for consistancy within ourselves.  He illustrates this with a study of people betting on a horse race.  The study showed that punters were more confident in their choice of horse AFTER they placed their bet.  The horse hadn't changed, the race hadn't changed, the ground hadn't changed.  The mind demands consistency with the decisions we make for a whole host of reasons that we won't go into now.  However, if we make a decision to be healthy, according to Cialdini, we should desire to stay consistent with our decision.  That doesn't happen however because we only made a promise to one of our personalities and now it's different!

How to fix it?

Well as usual, 'it depends'.  Something that I have found particularly helpful in combating this phenomenon is a simple bit of self talk.  Once we understand that there will be times when we react differently - where there is a different version of ourselves trying to diet - things become a little easier.  What we need to do is use our brain's ability to create personalities to our advantage.   We need to CREATE personalities that are conducive to fat loss.  If you define yourself as someone who drinks a lot because they are social, define yourself as someone who doesn't need drink to be social.  This is just an example.  If you find your downfall is that you snack at night, try defining yourself as someone who is able to deal with hunger at night time! 

Give it a go and see how you get on.  Create a new you.

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