Top 8 Tips for Summer Weight Loss

March 6, 2016


Here's 8 quick tips to help you burn belly fat in time for whatever Summer we'll hopefully be enjoying in just a few months time.

Tip 1 - Weight Train
I bang on about this constantly but an intelligently designed weight training programme really is the quickest way to burn fat.  Esspecially belly fat!  If you don't weight train at least three times per week - start.  If you weight train but aren't getting leaner, get a programme from an expert.

Tip 2 - Eat Good fat
Fat should not be feared.  In fact a healthy balance of saturated and unsaturated fat has been shown to be critical for fat loss.  At the moment we average 1 part unsaturated fat to 40 parts saturated fat.  We should be nearer to a 1:1 ratio.  Avacado, fish, fish oil, flax seed, coconut oils are all good sources of balanced fats.

Tip 3 - Train Harder
Have you been going in the gym recently and just coasting, just to feel like you did a workout?  Well, time to stop that and actually do a workout.  If you haven't stepped it up recently, do it!  That doesn't mean push through joint pain or do more cardio however.  See Tip 1.

Tip 4 - Train Smarter
Already training harder?  Not sure you can push any harder?  Well train smart.  Though a good programme is a great start, a programme alone won't do anything for you for long.  Each programme should be in the grander scheme of a long term progressive plan, with weekly, and monthly changes, keeping you moving forward.

Tip 5 - Eat Less Sugar
This isn't a 'carbs are your enemy' tip but if you look at your daily consumption and you see cereal, bread, pasta, toast as well as added sugars and processed foods, you're probably eating too many carbs for optimal fat loss.  Don't go crazy, just reduce consumption a bit.

Tip 6 - Do Your Plan, Not Your Friend's
Make a change, stick to it, and see how it works for you.  Don't change from one diet to another just because it worked for your friend or some celebrity in the magazines.  Find what works for you and stick with it.

Tip 7 - Employ a Clean Slate Policy
If you're anything like me, when you mess up your diet, the guilt can drive you to eat even more!  That's an oxymoron if ever I've seen one.  To combat this, employ a Clean Slate Policy.  If you mess up one day, don't sweat it, give yourself a clean slate for tomorrow.  Be happy, start again, and do the best with what you can from today.

Tip 8 - Don't Eat Less (Eat Better)
Only when your diet is full to the brim of nutrient dense, clean foods should you worry about controling calories.  Special K has the nutrient density of cardboard.  Swap it for better!  If you're still eating processed foods, then don't drop calories, eat better.

The time to do it is now!  If you start in a month or two months it'll be too late.  Good luck!  If you need any more individualised advice on these tips, email me on

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