The Most Overlooked Fat Loss Supplement.

April 16, 2016


Weight loss is the the biggest market in the health and fitness industry so it's no wonder that supplement companies have hundreds of products aimed at fat loss.


But I've got one that they never market as a fat loss supplement.  I'm not sure why, because it's so obvious when you understand the human physiology.


This supplement will not only aid your fat loss but it will also support health, energy and longevity.  Ground breaking stuff!  So what is it?


A multivitamin.  That's right, a simple multivit can help you lose more fat, in my opinion, than any other supplement you could take.  Why is this?


Well first of all vitamins and minerals are co-factors in nearly every enzymatic reaction in the body.  They are also associated with healthy hormone function.  Because of these two factors, a multivitamin is key to a healthily functioning metabolism.  Your hormones and the reactions happening within the body are responsible for metabolism.


The next reason is energy production.  If you break down the energy production that occurs within a cell to the most basic level, that energy production requires vitamins and minerals.  Different vitamins and minerals for each phase of production.  If you don't have just one of the required vitamins for just one step in that process, you have poor energy.  Poor energy = poor training = poor results.


Finally, your liver is your detoxification station.  It processes all of the chemicals you are exposed to daily and helps you get rid of them.  Guess what is required for that process to occur?  Vitamins and minerals.  If the body cannot detoxify chemicals fast enough it will store them for processing later.  It stores those chemicals in fat cells.  If you don't have enough vitamins and minerals to aid the liver's detoxification pathways then you will have to store fat to provide a place to store those un-detoxified chemicals.


'But I eat lots of fruit and veg, I get enough vitamins and minerals anyway'.  This is the most commonly fielded rebuttal to taking a multivitamin.  However, the quality of our fruit and vegetables are declining and the chemicals we need to detoxify are ever increasing.  Even organic products cannot escape the effects of pollution in the atmosphere.


To quote Eoin Lacey of the Irish Strength Institute.  "If there is one supplement I would have everyone take for the rest of their lives, if would be a multivitamin."




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