Toning the backs of the legs?

November 25, 2019

One of the areas I get asked about the most is the backs of the thighs, or the hamstrings.  How can I work the hamstrings without just doing the same old Hamstring Curl machine?


What if you wanted to work and tone your hamstrings but the Hamstring Curl machine was in use?  Or you wanted to pair a hamstring exercise with something else, that wasn't next to the Hamstring Curl machine?


What if you're not a member of a gym at all, and just have some basic equipment at home?


Well then I've got the exercise for you - the Supine Hips Elevated Leg Curl or SHELC.


Check out the video below!



By putting the hips into extension, you shorten the hamstring before you even start, making this a really effective exercise.


The key point here is to drive your hips in the air by squeezing your bum as hard as you can, through the entire movement.


If you're bored of doing the hamstring curl machine, want some variation or need an exercise that isolates your hamstrings, without needing a machine, then this is for you!


In this version we're using a Swiss Ball but I've also seen it done on sliders, foam rollers and wall balls.


Yours in health,

Coach Ben


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