LACKING MOTIVATION? Try this Miracle Morning routine

April 27, 2020



About five years ago I was introduced to a fantastic book by a highly skilled and motivated physiotherapist, who was also a client of mine at the time.


I've come back to the lessons in that book over and over again in the last five years.
I use the strategies in this book when I need a boost of motivation, when I need to get things done, when life seems a bit directionless or when I'm just not feeling the same lust for life that I normally do. Perhaps many of us in Lockdown right now?


You can use the strategies I learned from the book too. The book? The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

You could read it all, but here's the three big lessons that you need to know to navigate this lockdown!


1. Get up at the same time every single day.

For many of us right now, our routines are completely changed. You may or may not even need to set an alarm. But if you want a motivated and productive day, that doesn't just pass you by and blurr into ever other day on this lockdown so far, then you need to get up with purpose. Get up at the same time.


2. Review your goals.

These don't have to be lofty, complex or even your usual goals. But have goals. It could be as simple as 'do 10 minutes of exercise each day', but it gives you direction.


3. Learn something.

Read for ten minutes but not on a phone (notifications are distracting). It doesn't matter what you learn about, but stimulating your brain in this way first thing in the morning helps you approach tasks more purposefully in your day and puts you in a receptive and productive mood.

I'm just reading Tools of Titals by Tim Ferris at the moment where he has collated hundreds of tips and 'tools' from the hundreds of successful people he has interviewed over the years, from chess champions to stock market moguls.


Try this 10 minute morning routine out for the rest of the week and let me know how you feel!

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