Tsari's Story

I had the pleasure of working with Ben for a 12 week programme. I had my wedding coming up and I wanted to get in shape for it.  He also trained my husband to be Josh at the same time.


We both trained twice per week with Ben and he worked out plans for us to do alone at the gym on our own as well as our sessions with him.


Ben did a great job of pushing me and often had more confidence in my ability and strength than I did. (He was always right about what I could do!)


Ben was the perfect fit for me, and gave me lots of nutritional and exercise advice. He knew when I had another rep in me and when I was spent. I learned so much through my 12 weeks with Ben and made some huge lifestyle changes which I’ve continued with. I lost 7kgs during the 12 weeks, and dropped 2 dress sizes.  Josh lost 11kg and we both felt amazing for our wedding day!

Feeling confident in ourselves for our wedding was the biggest gift we could ever have.


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