Will's Story

Will has been training in the gym for well over a decade.  Always very cerebral in his training, he was constantly looking for the next thing to push his results even further.

The problem was, he'd run out of ideas and the information online had lead to paralysis analysis - he just didn't know what he should be doing.

What we put in place was a training plan and nutrition guide that took away the guess work and uncertainty.  Over 12 weeks, Will lost 8% body fat and gained 2 - 3kg of muscle (though it looks like more).  We focused on his self professed weak areas in his chest, shoulders and arms.

I have to say I was impressed with the dramatic change.  Those who have trained often will know, results get harder the more experienced you are because it takes more to 'shock' the body into changing. 

If you've been training for a long time and have reached a plateau, and just need that guide to smash you into the next stage of progress, get in CONTACT now.

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